4th of July Grilling Gains

4th of July Grilling Gains

4th of July Beach BodyStill Working On That Summer Beach Body?

We’re sure everyone’s 4th of July weekend brought some fun for the family, friends, and also some delicious grill-out foods, but it doesn’t exempt itself from the problem that plagues every holiday, party weight gain. We know you’re working on that beach body before the summer escapes your grasp, so feel free to come in and ask us about dietary advice between classes and we’ll let you know what works best!

Transitioning from the 4th of July Eating Habits

Even we enjoy a carb-heavy meal on occasion during the holidays, but the transition back to healthy habits can be more of a struggle than most people think. A good trick is to portion out your meals before the work week. If you take the time now to make it easy for yourself to eat healthy, then later in the week when you DON’T have time you can make eating healthy an easier task. Having that easy access to your healthy food enables you to eat IT as much as you eat your unhealthy foods. Part of the reason snacks and unhealthy foods are so common and popular is their easy to access packaging. Our way of combating that is by use of plastic ware containers.

Meal Portioning4th of July Eating Habits Meal Portioning

Store purchases, when you go on a health tangent, can sometimes be wasteful and end up not helping your habits. You are your own best judge in this case with the experience of buying in the past. Only purchase enough to last you a couple days with fresh foods. This will ensure that nothing goes bad before you can get the chance to eat it. We’ve all made the mistake of getting 12 pears at the store and only eating 3-4 of them. Save yourself the money knowing that you’ll end up at the store later this week anyways because you ran out of something else like milk or eggs by Wednesday.